Falling is just flying in reverse

ROLE Concept, Visual
& Animation
WHEN Fall 2017
AWARDS Adobe Design Achievement Awards
— Semi Finalist 2018


A motion graphics piece depicting the theme of 'learning from failure'

Failure is inevitable and leads you to future success. Success is a journey, not a destination and the journey matters more than the outcome. Fly is a motion graphics piece depicting the theme of 'Learning from Failure' inspired by a short poem by Amrit Paul.

Every rock bottom he hit,
taught him how to get up again.
Atop the mountains now,
he realises; falling was just
flying in reverse.

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"Falling was just flying in reverse"

The animation is be a metaphorically driven storyline about a ball and its journey of achieving its goal. The journey is filled with hurdles and obstacles. After several attempts and struggles, one often feels like they have hit the rock bottom and can not go any further. It is only when one steps back and changes their perception, they realise that the struggles and failure are the learnings and are what made them stronger - that “falling was just flying in reverse”.

Mockups for app screens for Wiggle in black and white


Combining mechanical and organic elements

I wanted to make the maze very mechanical and overwhelming. In contrast to that the ball at the start of the animation would be very organic. As the animation progresses and the ball fails, the ball gets less and less organic.

style frame
style frame
style frame
style frame
style frame
style frame
style frame

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